Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Facts vs Opinions

Have you ever come to a debate or an argue with your friends on some facts or maybe some silly things...
Ya..that such of scuffle is called..opposing others' opinions.
Basically facts do come from buds of opinions.Action of thinking can brought to many claims that can declaim any of structured facts.
We can't claim on anything even making any statements upon any facts without our own supporting points and proves...
Generally,others' opinions can become facts if the claims that have been made are supported with strong proved and facts.
In a nutshell we can make our own facts by supporting our opinions with previous and currently others' proven statement.
For an example.
how do you considering the history as a fact although you never studied about it?
and why do the bedtime stories did not be considered as a fact although it has a same concept of comprehension with histories as both them can be classified as )stories?
History by it own hands can be considered as a fact as long as no other opinions with a strong supporting details declaim it as a history(fact).
In short, facts is opinions which are supported by well-proved claims.. i building a fact??
that's all..

p/s:sorry for the bad english.enjoy:)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

aku da jdi 'universiter'...

maaf la suda lama ta update
aku skg da 18 tahun..msok u beb!!plig mude kt campus aku...hahha is a really new thing for me..independent studies.ya of course la dlu pena dok asrama de timetable.dok tgb mmg indie gak but dis is tougher.fuuhh!!da la rmy foreigners cmpus aku da dok oversea je.cet!!
pape hal life goes on.aku cm ta sangke mase cpt berlalu.dlu aku igt lg berangan-angan nk msuk uni..jdik buda here i am..
dlm post ni gak i would like to thank all my teachers, friends and beloved parent for your endless support.without you all..i never reached this for now..
roger out

p/s:thanks to my lovely girlfriend,i finally make mind to update my blog.i love you dear.xoxoxox