Tuesday, May 3, 2011


What is the worst thing ever happened to your life than to be alone in your own miserable life? Of course, loneliness. Yes, everyone has gone through it and will have to be alone again sometime in the future. As a normal human, yes i had been there. Actually, the loneliness started when you need someone for you whenever you are facing crisis or even some silly problems but nobody is not there. Then, the emotion started to take control the situation and you lost your sense of logical thinking and wise consideration.

Actually there are some type of loneliness that can be experienced by anybody due to certain circumstances.

1. Lonely due to problems

Most problematic people claim that they are alone, and some considerable thinking have to be done due to this situation. Actually, they may think that there is nobody to hear them whenever crisis mountaineering in their daily lives. Whenever people have problems and try to find people as their crying shoulders and mourning ears, theyBold will look for the people who they have trusted. But, when the trusted people seems to be not very helpful, the sadness will go downhill proportionate to the swelling frustration. Hence, the sorrow will turn to loneliness. As the desolation worsen, the sense of wise consideration will drop eventually and people may have taken a poor decision here to face the problem, SUICIDE, SELF-TORTURED, MURDER, and even end up as an unbalanced person. Guys, please. There are always greater hardness faced by other people in the world.

2. Lonely due to relationships

This will be the major loneliness will be ever talked by people who experienced a disappointment towards his or her relationship with other party. There are numerous relationship that can be categorized such as love relationship, family relationship and even friendship. This loneliness generally caused by misunderstanding among others, jealousy and bad experiences that both party had been through in their relationship. Consequently, both will start to be more self-centered and ignore others responses. They will tend to keep the bad feelings for themselves and isolate their mind and thought away from other. Then, the loneliness starts to take place.

they love each other :)

3. Lonely due to situations

This type of loneliness can be considered as the lightest among the list as it occurs only when you are alone in a place that is supposed to be exciting and merry. But sometimes, it can also bring some positive aspect in term of self-reflection as in a lonely place, people tend to look back at themselves, what have they have done in a particular day, what they have forgotten and even can generate flourishing ideas for their writing. Due to this, to be alone sometimes can be a good moment for certain people who can benefit it the best of the time. In contrast, it can also make people to think something silly to do as they got too boring and wanted to do things that can get attention from others. So, do look before you leap.

mourn in merry.

Let's get loud!!

Positively, there are scores of resolution to face loneliness in our lives.

1. Friends

Try locating your friends. See what they are up too. Join them and make your time precious than ever.

2. Utilized yourself

Dressed up! but don't get freak. Out of the mess, you will be more rejoice and fresh to face your life. Still, u can get attracted.

3. Chill up!

Don't get too stressed. Be cool. Breathe the bliss in. Get your mind cleared and plan what your inspired to do. Neglect the loneliness.

4. Keep smiling

Whenever you are alone. Smile!! Be positive. It will hearten you to find possible solutions for your problems.

kerang busuuk!!:P

5. Understand

If you are left by people, try to understand the situation. Don't get too anxious about losing friends. Maybe they have problems too. So, you may have to be independent and positive towards others responses.

6. Positive.

Yes, it is the vital part to be in. Stay positive towards your problems, yourselves, the situation and other people. You will find yourselves in a very magnificent way of handling life when you keep your mind optimistic and affirmative.

In short,

1. Friends
2. Utilized yourself
3. Chill up!
4. Keep smiling
5. Understand
6. Positive

haha. take it maturely guys.

don't get confused meh