Sunday, May 1, 2011

Attention or Intention

Ya, obviously nowadays most of the people, probably teenagers would like to be known by the people.(mostly via internet) It feels great to have thousand pairs of eyes keep staring on us and thousand kind of thoughts that keep judging us in any aspect of life instantly, the way we look,the way we talk and even the way we react.

Before go any deeper on the title I proposed, let see how do people seek for attention globally (I'm not talking about seeking attention from your parents or your crazy girlfriends).

1. Reality shows

Of course there are pros and cons of the reality shows broadcasting globally which carrying its very own preferences, such as singing,modelling,cooking and even ATTENTIONS.Some of the tremendous reality shows do develop potential of people whoever never be well known.Likewise, The Master Chef tv show. Basically, it emphasized in the participant's cooking skills and talents. (it also has special program for kids, Master Chef Junior.

Nevertheless, there is some reality shows that actually, (for my personal view) only have the intention to giving bucks to the producers and the label companies. Plus, the participants joined the shows just to get themselves in public awareness. In fact, the 'after-show' stars, did not gain anything through the participation but just only the ATTENTION throughout the shows.

They do not even build their own self-potential on what they are good at. They tend to make their life with more controversial rumors than to actually aim and benefit the chances they get from the reality shows which can be said as their stepping stones for their future career prospect. I think all of you are wise enough to judge the effectiveness the reality shows (local or global one) towards their own objectives. In short, it is all depends on the contestants to turn the reality shows into a self-potential developing program from only a bucks bases program. (of course it is always to be show-biz, but is it pretty relevant to have ONLY money than to have developed-talent products?)

2. Video postings (YouTube)

I am firmly sure that this massive video hosting network company have been made a lot of money by serving the people with visionary entertainments. Artists like Justin Bieber (do i spell it right) comes from this popular website where he posts some of his talents to be viewed by people then 'walla!' Usher makes him a massive star now. This method is 100% working for people who is actually (in priority order) :

1. wanna be a popular star (yucks!)
2. wanna get famous
3. wanna get massive attention. (urgh..)
4. wanna put themselves in competitive markets (job markets, etc.)
5. wanna show their talents
6. wanna have fun!! (yay!)

Obviously, this method can generate the possibility to get attentions, as people like to watch YouTube.

Yes, this Keenan Cahill have done best of it.

OK move on..

3. Bloggers

Yes, bloggers.You, me and all the bloggers. Actually it depends on one's intention. Some of the bloggers write for attention, some for political importances, some for personal views (it's me.hehe), and even for fun (yay!~again..). As a blogger (if you are active enough), we cannot get that exception in getting public network attention (do we have this phrase?). If you are intended
to be a very famous bloggers, of course you will get the lion's portion of the network attention. Nevertheless, if you are truthfully honestly deeply write for fun and your contents is always to be public's relevant, man you can be a sound writer. Shortly, we write for our intention, and we will get attentions based on public responses. So, not all of the bloggers are the attention-seekers.

As a conclusion, is it our intention to get attention? Put a thought on it. Basically, it is very helpful for us to use the internet as a platform to prove ourselves to the world. But the undeniable thing is the reality. Somehow, we have to face that we are living and have to live in the real world. The network attentions stuff is just the colors we put on to make our life more complicated. Yes, life is complicated because of its very simple problems.Chillex!! :P